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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child play on another baseball team in addition to their Eastern Little League Team?

Eastern Little League strictly prohibits participation on another baseball team during the regular season, and if the player is selected for inclusion on an Eastern All-Star or Select team, this prohibition shall extend through the conclusion of tournament play by the All-Star and/or Select team.

What are the boundaries for Eastern Little League?

Our boundaries encompass the eastern side of Fayette County (east of Nicholasville Road and south of Paris Pike). Use the league finder tool to confirm whether your residence or your child's school falls within our boundaries. 

Where does Eastern Little League play?

All games are played at Ecton and Merrick Parks. See our Field Locations for more information. Eastern utilizes several other fields around Lexington for practices.

What are the age cutoffs for Eastern Little League?

See our Division Information to determine which division your child will play in based on their league age. See Little League’s League Age Determination tool to confirm your child’s league age.

How much are registration fees?

See Registration for current registration fees.

Does Eastern Little League waive or reduce fees? Can I pay installments?

Fees may be reduced, waived or paid in installments. Fee reduction or waiver requests should be addressed to the League President or Player Agent.

I signed up but decided not to play. How can I request a refund?

If you would like a refund, please contact the Player Agent. Refund requests must be received before the player is selected to a team.

What supplies or equipment do you suggest my child needs to play baseball?

All players will need a baseball glove and baseball shoes (plastic sole cleats). Many players prefer to use their own baseball bat and helmet, although the individual teams have extras available that the players may also use. Many players also like to have an equipment bag to carry their belongings, but this is not required. All players will need to purchase their own baseball pants, socks and belt, which are typically color-coordinated with the team jersey color. Your coach will confirm the color needed. The league will provide the jersey and hat for all players. The league highly recommends the use of protective cups and heart guards. Protective cups are required for any player playing the catcher position. Parents may also see the benefit of utilizing a mouth guard piece.

My child has a health issue that I would like kept confidential. To whom should I speak and how do I know the medical information will be held confidential?

We encourage you to confide in your child’s coach and/or the Player Agent. Let them know that this information is very personal and should not be repeated unless there is a medical necessity.

How are teams selected?

See our Division Information for details on the selection of teams in your child’s division.

Are tryouts mandatory?

ALL new candidates for the Major/Minor Division MUST try out. A player may request to be assigned to a Minor Division team, but still must attend tryouts. Typically, there are two weekends for tryouts. Please see Registration for more information on upcoming tryouts. Although we encourage the players to attend the tryout specifically for their age group, they may attend at a different time. Please contact the Player Agent if your child cannot attend the age designated tryout date/time.

Can I request that my child play in the Minor Division only?

Players ages 9 to 11 can request to play Minor Division only making themselves unavailable for the Major Division draft or to be called up on a temporary or permanent basis to a Major Division team during the season. Players age 12 can request to play in the Minor Division only with approval from the Board of Directors.

When does Eastern Little League's baseball season begin and end?

Registration begins for our Spring season on January 1st. For more information on when practices and games begin, see our Division Information. The Spring season ends on Championship Saturday in mid-June.

Registration for the Fall season begins in late July with practices and games beginning in late August.

How much time should I anticipate my player devoting to baseball each week?

See our Division Information for more information on scheduling and practice expectations for your child’s division.

When do the League tournaments begin? When are the Championships played?

League tournaments for all divisions will be played the week after the season ends in early June, culminating with Championship Saturday and the League Picnic at Ecton Park in mid-June.

Do you offer a Fall Baseball season?

Yes, Eastern’s Fall Baseball season begins in late August. See our Division Information for more information on the Fall Baseball season.

Is it permissible for my player to participate in other sports while playing baseball at Eastern?

While participation in other sports or activities is not prohibited or even discouraged by Eastern Little League, parents should understand that Little League baseball does entail a time commitment. For example, our experience is that it is very difficult to play on both a Major Division team and select soccer.

How do I volunteer?

See our Volunteer Information for details on volunteer opportunities.

Do I have to participate in any fundraising?

Eastern relies on fundraising to help support the operations of the league. Player registration fees only account for a portion of the needed operating capital required for equipment, facilities maintenance and repairs, uniforms, etc. Eastern supplements player registration fees with league sponsorships and fundraising. Each team is expected to participate in the league's annual fundraising activities.

How can I place an order for Eastern Little League gear?

We are in the process of setting up a new league store with great items!  Stay tuned!

Are there conduct rules that apply during games and practices?

Eastern Little League has adopted a Parent Code of Conduct. Parents should read, understand and AGREE to the Code of Conduct prior to their children participating at Eastern. Eastern does not tolerate foul language or taunting at any level by the players, parents, managers or coaches. Any spectator, player, manager or coach that is warned is subject to being ejected from the premises and banned from the fields for additional games.

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Division of Parks and Recreation has a Physical and Verbal Altercation Policy that Eastern must follow. It is your responsibility as a participant, spectator or leader to familiarize yourself with the policy.

If we have a concern, question or request during the season, what is the best way to handle it and to whom should we speak?

We encourage you to first thoughtfully speak with the people or parties involved if you have a problem or concern. Questions and suggestions may be addressed to the manager, coach, Player Agent, President or any Board Member.

Where can I find the Little League rules and Eastern Little League’s local rules?

See all applicable Rules for Eastern Little League.

How are the Major Division All-Star players selected?

The local rules state All-Star players are selected by the managers of the respective All-Star teams.

When do the All-Star teams and tournaments begin?

The District Tournaments for the 7s, 8s, 9-10s, 10-11s, and 11-12s are typically held in late June/early July. The State Tournaments are typically held in mid to late July. For the Majors Division, Eastern Select teams will be formed if there is sufficient interest in a given age group.

Are summer teams available for players that aren't selected for the All-Star teams or for younger players?

Turkey Foot Baseball is Eastern's summer baseball program with teams in various age groups 5 and up following the Eastern Spring season. Turkey Foot teams are comprised of Eastern players only and participate in tournaments around Central Kentucky. 

What if I still have more questions?

Additional questions can be submitted to  [email protected].

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